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polygonride: What I mean is like...if I asked you to draw a cover for a debut EP I'll be releasing soon and gave you the main idea on what I wanted it to look like, would you charge me for it (I'm 17 and broke)?


Alright man, thanks for reaching out. I’m glad you like the work, even though you’ve placed it’s value at ZERO DOLLARS. However, at 17 you’re too old to think the way you are thinking; there’s no excuse.  Here’s a lesson and you are going to be an example to anyone who is reading or watching.

Would you expect to get anything else of value for free? Would you go into a restaurant and say, “hey, I’m young and broke, one of those hamburgers would really help me get this album out…” …and what about studio time? Would you expect to get studio time for free?

I don’t know about you, but I value my work more than that and I think everyone should value their work more than zero dollars. There’s other currency out there (friendship, publicity, etc.) but if you can’t match the equity of the labor I wouldn’t consider it. What do you have to offer me that can match the equity of my labor? I mean, I’ve already given you about $100 dollars of my time just writing this.

This is something you should think about when people try, and they will try, to get you to work for free. All that said, I wish you the best in your artistic endeavors.

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